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Title Name  - Dil Ko Maine Di Kasam Cast/Starring - Asim Riaz & Himanshi Khurana Singer Name - Amaal Mallik ft. Arijit Singh ...

What is mean by BUS Topology || What is Bus Topology

Definition of BUS Topology - 

In Bus Topology, all computers are connected in the same order from the same cable. A special type of device is called the Terminator at the beginning and end of the cable. Its functions are to control signals.|

Advantage of Bus Topology -

  • Simply expanding topology is easy.
  • In this, less cable is needed to connect the computer.
  • Bus Topology is easy to install
  • It is less useful than star and tree topology.

Disadvantages of Bus Topology -

  • More network traffic can slow the bus network significantly.
  • Due to the malfunction of any computer, all data communication stops.
  • It is difficult to add a new computer to it.

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